Our goals

In 2021 Eter Srl decided to take on what was perhaps its most difficult and exciting challenge: to become a Benefit Corporation.

Eter had pursued the goal of becoming a Benefit corporation since its establishment, but it was only in 2021 that, thanks to its commitment and dedication, it managed to obtain the biggest recognition: the inclusion among the very few Benefit corporations existing on the Italian and international market.

The shared feeling within its staff of using the business as a positive force has always been the true mission of the company. Which, combined with the understanding of a ever-changing world, has enabled Eter Srl to build long-lasting shared prosperity, not only for the company but also for the local community.

The merit of this result is certainly ascribable to the ability of each of its employees to unite their personal values to those of the company, that is believing in responsibility, transparency, interdependence and innovation without ever losing sight of inclusion, reproductivity and passion, all driving forces of the diversity that each individual wishes to express.

For all these reasons,
Eter Srl Benefit company identifies itself as:

A for-profit company, characterized by a high level of transparency, accountability and by its purpose/mission.

A legal entity that always considers its impact on its employees, its customers and all those who come into contact with it.

This is why in 2021
Eter Srl fulfilled its status
of Benefit corporation through:

The transition to eco-friendly packaging for all company shipments.

The participation of all company staff to the course “Work engagement 2nd edition”. The course was organized by “Federinnova” and it was intended to integrate the initial work done by each employee within the company with a programme of Coaching. Starting from the then current setting a feasible future scenario was foreseen, in which, different personal goals, when synergically integrated, would become team goals and then corporate ones.

The participation of the Children’s Bookshop Abbraccio alla vita (Embrace to life) at the national event Libri nel Borgo Antico (Books in the Ancient Village), with the organization of educational workshops and reading activities for the youngest.


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